ADHD – we can both diagnose and treat ADHD in our office. If you have concerns about your child’s school performance, or the teacher has mentioned trouble focusing, call our office to schedule an appt. We often start with Vanderbilt forms for teacher and parent to fill out. You can pick these up from our office.

Depression – we perform PHQ-9, a depression checklist, at every Well Child Visit starting at age 11. If we detect some underlying depression, we will discuss with patient and family steps we can take, including self-care techniques, therapy, and in severe cases, medication. Dr. Ping does prescribe these medications.

Autism – we can help determine which kids need formal evaluation for autism, help you navigate your insurance to get this completed, then help you find ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) if desired for your child. While there are no cures for autism, there are medications that can help patients deal with some of the more difficult symptoms. Dr. Ping can help with this and prescribe these medications.

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